My clients’ testimonials

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

I can sincerely recommend Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection ® to anyone who searches for peace and a way out of the stressful every-day life. This is a journey that is hard to end after a session. After every session I wanted to keep lying and continue. The feelings you experience during those minutes are incredible — some of them are conscious, other subconscious. Sessions helped me to leave my laptop at home for my holidays and truly relax for the first time in my life. That is why my sense of relaxation during my holidays changed dramatically — I was no longer occupied with some work-related e-mails, but connected again (reconnected) with the elementary idea, that holidays were for relaxation and unwinding and should not be treated as extra work time. Dear Bernd, I am extremely thankful to you for this and other remarkable experiences.


Author's imageNorman Gräter - Coach, Inspirator & Fünf-Sterne Redner Künzelsau

Reconnective Healing over the distance

Because I was late for my arranged session, hence a bit our of breath,
I asked for a couple of minutes for myself so I could
regain peace. Unfortunately I was not very successful at it.
When the session started I felt it right away: My still high pulse started to
ease up drastically. Quickly afterwards I activated in myself the state of deep relaxation .
I experienced this remarkably pleasurable, intensive feeling of relaxation not only on the emotional level,
but also and quite distinctly on the muscular level. I felt all of the burdens and hectic haste release me.
Suddenly everything seemed so much easier.

Rosi HildenbrandMundelsheim, Germany

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

I visited Mr. Bissinger because I had the feeling, that I had too many goals for my future that were not well organized or aligned and at the same time I was not pursuing anything specific. I wanted to establish clarity and have proper, specific plans.
Now I feel better and I am more satisfied with myself and my “here and now”. I do not need any “specific” goals now, instead I enjoy the life the way it is!

L. (35) Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

Positive changes experienced by my brother after Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection and the fact that he dreamt about these changes with such delight and admiration made me curious and hopeful that with the support of Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection I will be able to, for example increase my self confidence.

Immediately before my first Reconnective Healing session I witnessed certain depressing situation which normally would occupy my mind for much longer.

Already during the session I was able to completely rid myself of this anxiety and I managed to gain entirely new, liberating attitude towards this event. Sessions ware very pleasurable and relaxing for me.

Short time after The Reconnection I already started to feel the first effects. I again view myself and my body more clearly and I notice that I am or am becoming more self confident. I am curious about further developments.

StefanieHohenlohekreis Germany

Reconnective Healing

I would like to sincerely thank for the extraordinary and intense experience. This was a remarkable experience in a very pleasurable setting.

NoahHohenlohekreis, Germany

Reconnective Healing over the distance& The Reconnection

I came across Reconnective Healing when I was in a life crisis, having already tried many things to help myself through a bad patch.

The very first session of Reconnective-Healing convinced me that I should definitely take up Reconnection.

Never before have I experienced such deeply relaxing feelings as during Reconnective Healing — even though I have been practising meditation and relaxation techniques for two years on a regular basis. As quick as a flash entire stress accumulated in the recent periods subsided.

Reconnection itself is a one-off experience which in my case triggered some surprising effects and started a process that led me to a positive change .

Already couple of days after Reconnection I made some completely new discoveries about myself and my life… and this in turn opened up entirely new opportunities for treating life and people in a completely different way — regardless of my mood in a given moment.

I finally managed to accept my biggest fear which had haunted me my whole life, I could finally free myself of the great pressure I had exerted myself and now I am able to be more effective at dealing with one thing at a time instead of wanting to start and do everything at the same time in a chaotic way.

Now I am living bit by bit more here and now instead in the future or in the tomorrow. I am very curious what is going to happen next.

Dear Bernd, thank you so much for everything.

Christine BergmannFrankfort, Germany