My offers are supported by:

  • Stress and exhaustion


    Finding your inner centre


    Discovering your life’s task

  • Developing own potential


    Finding courage to set the boundaries


    Regain your own freedom


Become the creator of your life now

Do you feel stressed and constantly have the feeling that you are running out of time? Would you like to live life to the full, but you are lacking the clarity as to which patch you should follow to get there? Are you constantly trying to meet the expectations and goals of other people? Would you like to finally gather the courage to set clear boundaries?

Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® will help you

  • gain more clarity.
  • make decisions more easily and with greater confidence.
  • direct the attention to the inside.
  • place your expectations of life in the centre.
  • set clear boundaries outside.
  • spend more time on what really matters in your life.
  • find more joy of life, happiness and satisfaction .

This way you will be able to pursue your personal dreams about your life with greater determination.