Bernd Bissinger

Lost in excessive requirements

Looking at it from the outside my former life was really fantastic. After graduation as a certified buyer I worked for two years in Spain for a well-known company dealing with economic inspection and audit. At that time I was performing some tasks for this company in Stuttgart and preparing for my exam to become a tax advisor. I was proud of my analytical thinking skills and work and quite sure that this was the beginning of a great career.

However as if overnight my perfect life project ended. For much too long I have exploited my capabilities and then was experiencing what was generally known as burnout. Trying to make everyone else around me happy, I lost myself. I wasted my energy to fulfil the requests of others, instead of setting the boundaries.

Forgetting to focus on myself I risked losing control over my life, which was very destructive for me. I believed that some day in the future I would be happy and joyful, forgetting to try and reach this state of mind here and now.

Reaching myself.

For me it was clear that it could no longer be that way. So I tendered my resignation and made a break. I was completely unprepared for the sudden void and emptiness that followed. The only way I could live in was by confronting myself, my sense of self-esteem and my life goals. So far I defined my self-esteem strictly based on my profession. Sometimes I missed the fact that I am also valuable simply as a person — without all the titles and symbols defining the status.

In no way I could be called a victim of some circumstances. I was the one who cause the situation in which I found myself by making specific decisions. This discovery gave me courage: Well, since I was the one who caused this situation, again I could be the one to free myself of it. But first I would need to learn how to treat myself with love and respect.

Mediation and Yoga helped me get to my inner centre and find my inner clarity. I found my inner peace and learned to focus my attention on one thing only no matter the circumstances. Finally I was able to break free from stiff plans, overly ambitious goals that I allowed myself to exert a great pressure on me and my life.

At this time, step by step, regaining my strengths and life energy, I discovered in some magazine a coverage about dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection®. Before that I had not looked through this magazine for months. So I guess it was not a coincidence that I came across this article at that very moment.

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  • No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

New beginning with good deeds

From the very start I was delighted and interested to explore Reconnective Healing® on my own. After three sessions and the Reconnection® that followed I wanted urgently to attend the seminar of dr. Eric Pearl in Milan that was about to be held soon afterwards. I applied for the seminar due to my personal interest. However already during the event that lasted many days a decision was evolving in my head to try and become a Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® practitioner myself. I wanted as many people as possible to be able to share this fascinating experience. My inner pursuit to materialize these ideas was growing stronger and finally led my to setting up my own practice.

Along with founding my practice the break that I made myself take ended in a completely different way than one might expect. For the first time in my life I put my feelings first before reason. My mind of course tried to protest and reminded me about my education and all of the successfully passed exams. However the only thing that mattered to me was to be honest with myself and do what gave me positive emotions. I am the one who is responsible for my own life and always I am the creator of the reality I live in. I turned my passion into my profession and learned how to consistently say no when it is necessary.

I wish no one would ever experience how it is to lose the balance. Today I know that it is possible to keep the balance and be successful at the same time! I want to help my clients regain the balance and maintain this state for a longer time. Those who found their inner balance can develop their full potential and live. They will find the passion in their life and will be able to focus on it completely. These are the best outcomes of self-reliant and happy life.

Education and qualifications

  • Degree in business adminstration, Wuerzburg, Germany, 2006
  • Reconnective Healing® – Foundational Practitioner, Milan, Italy, March 2013
  • The Reconnection® – Certified Practitioner, Milan, Italy, March 2013
  • The Reconnection Staffmember — Seminars of Dr. Eric Pearl in Stuttgart, Germany, December 2014
  • The Reconnection Staffmember — Seminars of Dr. Eric Pearl in Cologne, Germany, September 2015
  • Certified Health Coach trained by “The Institute of Integrative Nutrition”, New York
  • Certified NLP-Practitioner in training
  • Certified Nutrition Coach science and medicine according to FIGUSA ®