Because it all impacts your life

  • You have worked hard for your success. You can be quite proud of what you accomplished. But still there is this feeling that you should change something. You think that you let the requirements and expectations set by other people guide you too much. You miss the balance between work and life or maybe you even have the feeling like you are at the edge of burnout.

  • You miss the inner clarity and would like to finally take more ownership for the decisions regarding your life. You are wondering how you can accomplish success and at the same time live a balanced and harmonious life. I will be pleased to show you how I can support you with that.

Because you are the one who is steering your life.

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  • Would you like to restore work-life balance? Do you want to have more clarity regarding your life path? Are you fed up with others deciding about your life and do you want to finally set clear boundaries?

    As Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® practitioner I will be happy to help you achieve these goals and I will support you so that you can again experience joy of life, happiness and satisfaction .

My gift for you: More energy in your life

  • Together with our food we are absorbing more than just nutritious substances, vitamins and microelements. As recent research prove food stuffs transport also light, energy and information. So it is high time to start thinking about our nutrition anew.

    This guide explains how you can support you body with the food you eat so that it can restore its balance.

    At the moment we can not provide you with the downloadlink for the PDF.

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Because it is possible to achieve success in a balanced life.

My life project seemed perfect. I have noticed that I had excessively exploited my capabilities much too late. Therefore I know what it is like to feel burnout from my own experience. Slowly it became clear to me that I was the one who was responsible for the situation in which I found myself and that I was not a victim of any circumstances.

Today I know I can keep the balance and at the same time achieve success. When you are in your inner balance you have better conditions for a self-reliant and happy life.